Thursday, November 09, 2006


Saturday is my favorite day. Why? I don’t put on a watch. I don’t operate on a schedule. Saturday is my grocery, laundry, dry-cleaners, yard, sweeping, mopping, and many things in-between day-accomplished in no particular order, with no specific design, unless a task is related to my mother.

If I had any kind of social life to speak of, Saturday would also be my Queen-For-A-Day day, but that’s another topic.

There are constrictions and restrictions, the weather and retail business hours, but otherwise, it is my one and only loosey goosey day, where I can do what, when and how I want, generally.

That is, however, provided I can stay on my feet.

After the Sunday through Friday work week that encompasses about 70 hours including commutes to and from both jobs, Saturday morning has begun to arrive all too quickly after about only 26 hours of sleep through the week.

Lately, Saturday has been my crash and burn day. The day starts with promise. I rise, do some stretches, drink some java, eat some oats, take my vitamin and Glucosamine and get to crackin. Two hours in, I take a breather, have some water and contemplate the next moves. I do my best contemplating while sitting on the sofa. Next thing I know, the second college football game is in the second half. Holy boondoggle, I’ve slept away the rest of the morning and a chunk of the afternoon.

Being that it is my loosey goosey day, I’m not stressed about what didn’t get done, the chores left undone are deferred for another Saturday. However, weeks of this kind of tom-foolery leads to chores bleeding onto an errant Tuesday, or even worse, a Thursday evening, because loosey-goosey or no, the stuff must get done, eventually.

Nothing I’ve tried has yielded any more sleeping hours. Nothing. Am I destined to crash and burn every Saturday thereby insuring that extra sour cream is constantly being added the already loaded weekday?

I have one more, no-holds barred, come hell-or-high water plan to salvage my Saturdays.

Quit the second job. This week will be my first two full days weekend, unless I’m sick or on vacation weekend in five years. Two full days, the possibilities tantalize the senses.

I was saving this for when I get a date, but I think I know where I can find another, Yee Haw!


  1. I love saturdays too, and sundays. There our days, fairy and I, our days to stay in bed late, mess around and just chill!

    But, now *insert sad face with tears* fairy has to work on Saturdays :-(

    Treasure your days off hunny, there a gift :-)
    Kisses XxXxXxXxXxX

  2. Chores on a Tuesday night are just wrong. You certainly deserve a two-day weekend.

    Use it wisely. :)
    Couch-napping is strongly encouraged.

  3. Deborah, -SLEEP!!!
    It's okay.
    Naps are regenerative.
    They keep us sane.
    I believe we'll live longer if we rest more.

  4. Two jobs is one job too many!!

  5. Heck, two jobs are TWO too many!

    Ah - the weekends. Love Satruday afternoon at 4 p.m., when things just seem to grind to a lovely golden halt and the sports comes on the teevee. AWESOME!

  6. That sounds far to knackering! You need a good couple of days clear to recover from the work week! I wonder if there is something that you could do from home to earn a few quid, while wearing your PJs and sipping a mug of tea?? I sew period clothing as a sideline. It allows me to stay home with the kids :)

  7. Life is short, my friend. Do you really need 2 jobs?


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