Tuesday, November 07, 2006


The results of this quiz reports that I have the personality of a badger. They further define that personality as: Grumpy & hardworking. You seem to have a hard time enjoying the simple pleasures in life, but this doesn't seem to bug you. People find you cynical, but you appreciate the ones who treat you with love and respect, Which you give back in bulk. You're not as bad as people think you are.

After reading it, I was all fired up, ready to rip quizilla a new one for the grumpy description.

I AM NOT G R U M...oh wait, perhaps, just perhaps I logged some ticks on the grumpy meter.

I do believe that Ms. Grump appeared when I realized I'd once again donned the socks that routinely lose their way and find themselves tangled down inside my shoes, limply clumped around my toes.

Madam Grumpy may have reared her frazzy head when yet again I discovered the upstairs neighbors failed to deliver their garbage bags all the way INSIDE the dumpster or recycling bins.

I'm quite certain that Gramma Grumps made a guest appearance when the boss asked for the hundredth time if we (the business) could afford a new printer and I responded, after the pre-requisite pause, that we couldn't afford not to.

So quizilla, grumpy in her various frocks has indeed popped in from time to time. I don't abide by the suggestion that she's taken up permanent residence. I couldn't get through the days with grumpy grumps hanging on my shoulders like Nevada heat in August.

Now if we could talk about this cynical comment and what the heck is this about me not being as bad as people think I am? That's just bunk! I am bad to the bone, but not at all grumpy.

This message inspired by Betty and paid for by the committee to rationalize grumptitude.


  1. Dont sweat it chick, I think that quiz has lost the lpot cos I just did it and it said that Im cranky and mysterious!

    Cranky? Me? Bollocks!

    Kisses hunny bunny XxXxXxXxXxXxXxX

  2. Embrace your grumpiness. Grumps are the backbone of the world, keeping those perky blue sky people in check.

    We need folks like you.
    And me... lol.

  3. If you're grumpy, I don't wanna know what that damned quiz would call me!

  4. It told me I'm a badger too. Of course, after reading the description you posted, it's kind of what I expected.

    Grumpy? Check
    Cynical? Check
    Not as bad as people think? Well... probably.

  5. I was a bear.
    I'm lazy & angry.
    But people like me.

  6. Did they mention that you are a funny badger?

  7. LOL at all the funny comments!! Thanks for the post Deb....I enjoyed your grumpy, cynical responses!! And I agree with Wordsrock we need grumps just like we need a balance of the blue sky peeps, the cynical peeps, the grumpy peeps and the down right "don't even think about touching my cub" mama bear peeps....we need em all to make the world go round!!!

    I borrowed the quiz from your blog and did it over at my blog....come see.......:)

  8. and roflmao @ sober....that's cute!!!

  9. Dude- I just answered with all the happy happy joy joy picks and I'm STILL a badger.

    Damned quiz is rigged.


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