Thursday, November 16, 2006


Anna writes, ‘I need a lesbian gurl friend.’ I know because she told me and the thousands of women registered to one of the four sites of meet and greet her.

The registrants proclaim themselves to be women looking for other women to like, love or lick like a lollipop should be licked. Me? I’m in there somewhere.

Towards that end I floated some balloons. The very first list was the least productive in terms of prospects and respondents. It remains so. Two of the next three have been a bit more promising. The third is new, so the jury is still out.

C is in a relationship, she’s looking for pals. She has a partner who has a 9 year old son. She’s a buckeye and sounds (writes) bubbly.

K is a single mom. She has an 11-year old son. She lives in England and ‘came to the conclusion’ she was gay in 2001. The tale she tells so far is intriguing.

P is single and enjoys cooking for her siblings and friends. She works at a newspaper and doesn’t feel confident enough of her grammar to enjoy writing. No, she doesn’t write for the paper.

Others responding to a HI didn’t reply to my email. No harm, no foul. I got some HI s that raised my eyebrows a bit; the 19 year old I had to delete immediately. 19? That’s younger than my daughter, idonthinkso. The 22 year old was almost deleted, but she emailed me before I could and all but dared me to email her, ‘don’t let my age discourage you..’ Well I’m no chicken, I clucked her up, a week and counting and not a peep.

Some hellos were followed with ‘I’m not really good at writing, here’s my cell number.’ Dani tells me this is a BIG RED FLAG. ‘Mom, don’t! She’s probably some crazy stalker!’ I’d figured that part out, but she likes to give me advice, I like to let her, sometimes.

So far, so hum. I’m not as active as I probably could be, but looking at all those profiles is dizzying. Besides, there are other projects looming and are threatening to make themselves a nuisance. They must be addressed.

The anxiety expressed a couple, three weeks ago has pretty much evaporated thanks to some feedback, time and to this blogging community into which I find myself immersed. I’ve laughed out loud, silently cried and furrowed my sparse brows having been provoked to entertain a different point of view. Some have extended themselves beyond the blogs. Those connections are precious to me and continue to drive and inspire.

Y’all are the shiznit, yo!

lick like a lollipop should be licked - salt n pepa


  1. See there????
    Now you have much too many to deal with!
    It CAN get to be a pain after a while, no?

    I'm with you on the blogging community!
    It is a wonderful support system!

  2. Anonymous11:48 AM

    shiznit... cool.

  3. LOL @ the lollipop comment.

    Yikes, 19?! Normally I'd say age shouldn't deter you, but in this case, RUN, OD, RUN!!

  4. Good lord - this doesn't sound much fun at all!!

    And yet, I HOPE you continue to tell us allllll about it!

  5. British accents are totally sexy!

  6. I tried the online thing twice. On both occasions the initial meeting was a total disaster. I don't try anymore. If I don't meet them in person, then I don't want to. I think my imagination is too powerful, and rearranges reality.

    I'm sure you don't want to know this, but I would love to "get licked like a lollipop should be licked".... That sounds so inviting!

  7. "So far, so hum". Love that. Not the experience, mind you, but the phrase.

    I have no doubt the process can be bizarre at times, but I'm thrilled you're making the effort.

  8. I'm a strong supporter of the online meeting experience. That's how my dear Wendy and I hooked up. Of course, I sifted through quite a bit of chaff before finding the diamond.

    I'm with Dani on the phone call chick. Your daughter has good instincts.

    Patience and lollipops go well together.

  9. It's great that you're 'active' and who knows, you could find 'the one'... be patient and keep the licking muscles toned up!

  10. errrr, you and I need to email each other the sites we are frequenting and our usernames... wouldn't it be awful if one of us did a big write up about the latest "wacko" we talked to only to find out it was one of us? hahahahahahahahahaha! ha?

  11. online dating is like shopping at ross (or marshall's, or loehmanns, or your city's equivalent):

    you have to look through a whole lot of crap before you find something nice, and even then, it generally doesn't fit right.

    but when you find that one great thing, well ... it's totally worth it.

    onward and upward!

  12. LOL nina!!

    Someday you'll meet someone who's gonna make you wanna shoop shoop a doop. I can see it in my crystal ball. Just remember, into every dyke's life some drama must fall.

  13. Val said it all!
    Tone 'em up!

  14. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Oh chatting/meeting people. I met a few wicked kewl people and one psycho. Good luck and hang in there lady.


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