Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's An Express

Much to my delight the public transpo service nearest my home added an express bus to one of the various options for my commute to work. This express bus versus the non-express shaves 20-30 minutes from the commuting time.

The new service, in operation for about 12 weeks now, keeps me off the train and the mountain of stairs leading to the platform. At 7:30 a.m and frigid temps, a mountain of stairs is a tough feat for my less than supple joints. I was not looking forward to another Winters worth of commuting.

The express service is working very well for me with one exception. Many patrons along the route have not quite grasp the idea of express. They continue to expect the bus to stop at every other corner. They continue to rant, rave, stomp feet and wave fists from the back door; "Hey! Let Me Off!"

Driver's have been instructed to amplify the signage; 'this is an express bus' before boarding and often throughout the ride. Over and over, 'this is an express bus'. Still, some patrons are ranting, raving, stomping feet and waving fists, demanding to be let off. The rides are not nearly as pleasant as I expected.

Perhaps I'll try the non-express bus, it's likely pretty empty these days.


  1. Ah someone I can talk about travelling on buses and trains with, everyone here in blogland seem to move by their cars, but I have found my other half in you dear Deb ;-)

    Ok, lets get it out! Where we live we have to walk about 20 minutes to get to the bus, but they put in a new stop down the end of the road, handy, but always busy. That leads me to another thing, I hate packed buses and trians, I hate people touching me in places that only my beoved should be touching me

    Shall I continue my rant? Do you have a few days to spare? ;-)

    I used to either go to work on my motorbike or mountian bike, whichever mood took me first!

    Kisses fellow bus freak ;-)

  2. I wish we had a decent enough bus system that I could take it to work.

    But, the walk to the nearest bus stop alone would take me longer than driving to work.

    So sad.

  3. Laugh at the crabby people! Mock them! Ha ha funny crabby people!

    That oughtta teach 'em if they can't learn the daggone rules!

  4. Hey, if they don't bother to read the sign, then it serves them right! Heartless, but true. :)

  5. I'll send my public transportation tutorial. Of course...the people will have to read the darn thing in order for it to work.

  6. I haven't taken a bus since high school........


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