Sunday, November 19, 2006

Snack Food

Popcorn has a long and storied history, which I won’t regale. You may read about some of it here here and here.

When I was really young, there was always popped corn. My mom ate it by the bucketfuls. She hardly ever bought pre-popped or flavored corn. She only bought kernels and she popped at home. It wasn’t long before I was the pop poppiest kernel popper. It was the one thing she taught and allowed me to do in the kitchen besides washing dishes. My mom could have popcorn for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She did even on a popcorn diet, until she became very weak. Her sisters intervened. Even afterwards, she continued to eat a lot of popped corn.

Ever had left-over popcorn. Out from the refrigerator, with congealed oil into the popped pockets?

Sometimes Jiffy-Pop and microwave corn made special appearances, but mom was very loyal to the vintage methods of pop corn preparation.
As an adult, popcorn and I shared an ambivalent existence. It was a favored snack when Michael and Dani were younger, its popularity waning considerably over the years.

A resurgence may be on the horizon. The actor had an audition a few weeks ago, for a small film role. He was called back for a second look-see. Much too soon for exuberant spillage of glee, but hmm, movie theater popcorn, the sounds, the smells, the taste.


  1. I am old enough to rememer the popcorn machine. Carefully measured oil, carefully measured corn. Put the lid on and hover (not too close because that mutha was HOT!) And then we would watch as the corn started to pop!!!! Once in kindergarten our teacher left the top off the popper and we watched with glee as the corn was rocketed into the air and we would reach out to catch it.

    Now the excitement surrounds who gets to touch the "popcorn" button on the microwave.

    There is a woman I see at the theater who has devised the best solution for evenly butter popcorn I have ever seen. She brings her one gallon plastic bag. She dumps half of her popcorn in the bag and then drenches her remaining corn in salt and butter then she pours the rest back out of the bag and does the same....voila! perfectly buttery flavor goodness through to the bottom... she is a genius. Well almost... I think she could use a touch of parmesan...but that is just me.

  2. Oh I LOVE popcorn! Growing up we always made it on the stove, in a pan with the oil. Sure we had the hot air popper, and it was healthier that way, but it sure didn't taste as good. Now we have a flat top stove, and you can't shake a pan back and forth on it so we have to use the microwave. It's not nearly as good and we don't eat it very often. Adore movie theatre popcorn... yum!

  3. Anonymous6:13 AM

    Everyone in our house LOVES warm, fresh popcorn!


  4. Anonymous6:15 AM

    I love popcorn with butter and salt at home and when it is at the movies it's gotta be all the way...the greasier the better. Trans fats be damned!

    Why do they call it "topping" at the theaters instead of "butter".

    Maybe I don't want to know :-/

  5. I've never been a huge fan of popcorn, but it always does smell good.

    Your baby on the big screen? Well yes, there's a real occasion for popcorn!

  6. Popcorn rocks! I actually don't eat it though as much as I should-now that I think about it... I doesn't go exceptionally well with beer- maybe that's why. Man, I could sure use some now though!
    Love the Jiffy-Pop and Cape Cod Cheddar Cheese, they are the best-

  7. I hope your son gets the part!

  8. great post....looking back down memory lane and forward with your son....hope he gets the part!!!

  9. Mmmmmmmmmm Moooooovie Popcooooooorn.



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