Friday, November 03, 2006

Pet Pups

We are a fuzzy household. We'd like to be a household of furries with breath and a pulse, but for now we are a household of fabric fuzzies. There have been a bevy of fuzzies that have passed through and passed on. Several remain still. The top two of the menagerie of muppets are Wags (the tiger suited fellow up top) and his sister Wagette (all decked out in her skeleton sweater).

Wags and Wagette, gifted to Dani on consecutive Christmases in her 8th and 9th years hold very special spots of honor in our hearts and home. They have their own chairs and with the help of a master, their own voices. They hold court over Mollie McBear, Babs Bunny, Diggy Puppop and a host of other critters.

The boy pup, Wags, dubbed, 'the so fine' is quietly fierce. His personal hero is Spike (from Tom and Jerry) and when the free flowing estrogen threatens to topple him, he escapes to man land, where he and Unkie Mikie can watch man movies, eat pizza and burgers and reset his balance.

Wagette, dubbed, 'diva' likes to wear jewelry and is a bossy little fuzzy. She rules the fuzz with an iron paw. She is quick to add a caustic comment when such is needed. She is drama personified. Wagette has been quite vocal in her lobbying efforts to get a live pup in the mix. She feels same would enhance the homey atmosphere that exists in our fuzzy abode.

Hard to argue with the 'diva.'


  1. The diva realizes, I hope, that a pup poses a threat to her existence?

  2. Im a fuzzy chick too, I love teddies and of course pussie, the 4 legs pussy Im talking about you naughty girl ;-)

    I have all the teddies I was given as a child, there in our loft, on my bedside cabinet are 2 teddies, one ma gave me when I was 6, I named him after my dad, the other teddy is pure Irish, he has a shamrock on his belly and he was placed on top of ma's coffin :-)

    Fuzzies rule!
    Kisses fuzzy queen ;-)

  3. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Olivia has a huge shelf in her room full of them... and in her bed... and on the floor in her room.

  4. Anonymous3:00 PM

    My gf's daughter has a plush velvet dolphin which she takes with her everywhere. To her, it is as real as you and I. It gets stories read to it, is fed snacks, tucked into its own bed! So sweet!


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