Sunday, November 12, 2006

Two Full Days

Inauspicious beginning what with the high winds and heavy rains greeting me as I left work on Friday evening. Suede shoes, cotton socks and double knit slacks paired with the gale force winds assured soaked extremities.

The condo was quiet, both Michael and Dani out for the evening. I shed the wet, trading for dry, heat soup leftover from earlier in the week. A check of email unveiled some pleasant surprises which prompted some quick replies. I trade the empty soup bowl for a mug filled with a warm beverage, settle in front of my trusty heater. Not a fireplace, but will suffice.

Satruday morning dawns, me fairly well rested. The kids and I share our various breakfasts, trade some stories and laughs of the week just past. It's still a bit chilly, calling for indoor chores. The book on Saturday closes with delivered Chinese and a rousing game of Scattergories with Dani and her boyfriend.

A 7:57 a.m. call from mom signals the start to Sunday. Well, not really. Sunday actually began at 2:00 a.m. I was shaking off the effects of a disturbingly funny dream when I heard Michael come in from his show and more. Fully awake now, I putter for a few hours, online and off, finally dozing off to the tail end of Hitchcock's Birds. The 7:57 a.m. called signaled the second beginning to Sunday morn.

The rest of the day progresses without incident. Our plans to attend the roller derby championship being shelved in lieu of preparing a pot roast, watching football, soccer and more football.

I discovered that roller derby was alive, somewhat, and well in Chicago only a few weeks ago. Too late to attend any matches. I found myself on the mailing list for the Windy City Rollers. I hope there is another season, as I do, so much, want to see a match in person, finally.

Two full days, back-to-back, felt like bliss. I'd forgotten how much I missed feeling anything like this. Future weekends I'm sure won't be quite so easy breezy. There are some projects looming ahead that might result in an ordeal or two or three.

But for now, Sunday lobbies to join Saturday in the favorite day derby.


  1. Anonymous6:05 AM

    Sounds like a nice weekend, Deborah.

  2. You can sleep after watching THE BIRDS?

    No way, man.

  3. I didn't think roller derby even existed anymore!

  4. I loved Roller Derby when I was a kid. We went and saw the T-Birds one time. OMG...I wanted to be one when I grew up.

  5. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Mental note: appreciate my 2 day weekends more.

  6. Sounds very restful, Deborah. Good for you. It's all good!

  7. Scattergories? I haven't played Scattergories in years. That's a good one. Glad you enjoyed your two days.

  8. Sounds delightful... I'm glad you have the presence to appreciate such gifts when they occur. :)

  9. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Brrr! Yep, stay by that radiator for now! Sounds like a good plan.

    Emails you say... do I detect a hunny on the horizon ;-D

    Is a roller derby roller skating? What do they do??

  10. this girl: well, I can, now.

    sassy: I didn't either-imagine my surprise. I found not just the Windy City Rollers, but there is apparently another local league. Crazy.

    chapin: I know. I remember the T-birds too!

    elizabeth: Scattergories is one of the two we still have. Much of my existence in vintage muted. ;)

    little blue: brrr is right. Hunny on the horizon? well...Really, just talking you know, meets and greets, much too much early to tell.

    Roller derby is roller skating. Teams are pitted against one another, they skate in a circular ring that is raised and curved. There is pushing, shoving, elbows flying-all vying for position. It's extremely physical.

  11. Bet the icing on the cake was your Bears kicking my Giants' ass. hehe Glad your weekend was blissful.

  12. Bent: you would win that bet.


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